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Full Transfer or Training in Service Delivery

GenerationPMTO employs a full transfer approach to implementation (Forgatch & DeGarmo, 2011; Forgatch et al., 2013). This approach involves more than a train-the-trainer approach. The community gradually assumes full responsibility for all activities involved in practice: training, coaching, certification, and continuous monitoring of fidelity and outcomes. The purveyor’s team trains a progenitor group of community practitioners to certification; from this group some are selected for training as trainers, coaches, and fidelity raters. A governing authority is established, which oversees all GenerationPMTO activities within the site and maintains communication with the purveyor team at Implementation Sciences International, Inc (ISII). Sites develop their own FIMP teams to monitor the fidelity of their providers (e.g., country, state, city, agency). To maintain certification credentials, fidelity teams must meet annual fidelity reliability requirements.

In addition to full transfer, we offer training in service delivery without infrastructure development. In this approach, ISII trains a group of community practitioners to deliver the model with fidelity. The ISII team provides all coaching, training, and fidelity rating. Training options include workshops, coaching, and practice to achieve certification or reduced training in GenerationPMTO-informed delivery.

Our sites are as follows (in order of implementation):

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