(Initiated 2019) The Fundación San Carlos de Maipo in Santiago, Chile, began its GenerationPMTO implementation with 5 clinicians who were trained in individual family delivery as part of our Community Training program. With strong leadership support at the Fundación San Carlos de Maipo, these skilled and dedicated clinicians moved on to learn and certify in the group delivery system, as well as train their first generation of 20 group leaders. The site served 19 families within the first year of implementation (2019) and 580 in the second year (2020). The program, called Parentalidad que Motiva con Ternura y Optismo (PMTO) in Chile, is accessible to families in Santiago and remote areas of the country due to the team’s remarkable skills in recruiting and delivering the model virtually. In addition to the site’s certified individual GenerationPMTO family therapists and certified Crianza Mediante el Cambio (Parenting through Change) group leaders, Chile’s implementation team also includes trainers, coaches and a fidelity (FIMP) team. Research is being conducted at this site by Área de Estudios y Evaluación (Studies and Evaluation Area).

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