(initiated 2009) Initial PMTO training in Denmark’s Socialstyrelsen organization was provided by PMTO trainers from the Norwegian Implementation Team in individual delivery and coaching. The ISII team then trained selected certified Danish PMTO therapists to become reliable fidelity raters, to certify in leading PTC groups, and to become PMTO trainers. In 2017, governance of PMTO was transferred to VIA University College, where model fidelity was sustained. VIA University College hosted the PMTO International Conference in 2018 and was part of the multi-site committee that organized the virtual international PMTO Conference in 2020. In 2022, nationwide governance of PMTO was transferred to Metodecentret,[MF1]  which uses innovative strategies to support several evidence-based programs in the country. PMTO continues to flourish in Denmark. VIA University College continues to participate as one of the European SPARE project sites.

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