(Initiated 2002) In 2002, Iceland’s first 2 PMTO specialists were trained by ISII and completed certification; since then practitioners have been trained in several PMTO formats and infrastructure roles (coaching, training, fidelity monitoring). Over the years, dozens of certified therapists and leaders have delivered PMTO and PTC groups, hundreds of professionals have been trained in PMTO Brief, and thousands of families have been served by PMTO in both child mental health and child welfare community agencies. PMTO materials, manuals, and graphics have been translated and culturally adapted from English to Icelandic. Research completed just seven years after initial implementation showed that schools receiving PMTO services reported a 31% decrease in student referrals for outside specialist services compared to increases in referrals ranging from 41% to 74% in communities that did not receive PMTO services (Sigmarsdóttir , Thorlacius, Guðmundsdóttir, & DeGarmo, 2015). A nationwide randomized controlled trial showed medium effect size reductions in behavior problems for PMTO families compared to those receiving services as usual (Sigmarsdóttir, DeGarmo, Forgatch, & Guðmundsdóttir, 2013).

Currently, PMTO services are being delivered to families by two governing organizations: the City of Reykjavík (within the city) and the National Agency for Children and Families (all other areas of Iceland). Reykjavík City has a team of therapists, group leaders, trainers, coaches and fidelity raters. Reykjavík City is the original European SPARE project site and continues to participate in the group delivery adaptation to refugee families. The National Agency for Children and Families is supporting the municipalities of Iceland in their delivery of PMTO with a team of therapists, group leaders, trainers, coaches and fidelity raters.