Helping Families Around the World

GenerationPMTO is an evidence-based intervention program designed to help parents strengthen families at all levels. Based on more than 50 years of ongoing research, the model promotes social skills and prevents, reduces and reverses the development of moderate to severe conduct problems in children and youth.

GenerationPMTO Delivery Systems:

We train practitioners to certification in one delivery system. Training in additional delivery systems can then be added. We also provide training in infrastructure roles for sites who want to become independent and responsible for sustaining the model with fidelity.

Since the first implementation in Norway in 1999, GenerationPMTO has been shared with more than 50,000 families from all socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and family types throughout the world.

We are pleased to share this info-packed poster that the GenPMTO team at Fundación San Carlos de Maipo presented at SPR in Washington, DC. They are experts in recruitment and engagement, continuing to demonstrate the amazing difference they make with parents, children, and families. We couldn’t be more proud!