(Initiated 2014) Based at the Canadian Mental Health Association, British Columbia (CMHA BC), this implementation named Confident Parents: Thriving Kids (CPTK) is delivered via telephone by GenerationPMTO-trained parent coaches throughout the province of British Columbia. CMHA, founded in 1918, is the oldest national mental health charity in Canada, with the BC Division created in 1952. CPTK is designed for parents of children with mild to moderate behavior problems who are referred to the program by their family physician. GenerationPMTO concepts and skills form the basis for a 6-, 10-, or 14-week curriculum, allowing parents to access the most effective program for their needs. Twelve months after implementation of CPTK began, CMHA-BC reported 65% of parents’ concerns resolved, with an additional 79% of families reporting “very good or good improvements” in their child’s behavior. Results were measured by a standardized interview tool administered to parents at intake and at exit from the program. The first GenerationPMTO specialist was certified exactly one year after the start of Workshop 1.

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