Interested in learning the GenerationPMTO parenting model?

Training in GenerationPMTO includes 10 active workshop days, access to our online training portal, regular coaching through virtual and written feedback, fidelity monitoring, manuals and materials for practitioners and parents, self-assessment interviews, leadership/stakeholder meetings and certification for practitioners. We offer training in a variety of delivery modes (individual family work, group, and telehealth) as well as populations (prevention, intervention, families with a goal for reunification). Practitioners begin delivering the model with families or in group immediately after the first workshop.

Once practitioners are certified (12-18 months after the first workshop), they are eligible for our training as site coaches, fidelity raters, and workshop trainers. Our phased training process supports building infrastructure that will maintain model fidelity and enhance service delivery. Site sustainment of the model with fidelity, called “full-transfer,” is a multi-year process. Once full-transfer is achieved, the ongoing connection to the GenerationPMTO model developers is maintained through an annual reliability test for the site’s fidelity team.

Our training costs vary depending on the number of practitioners being trained, number of sites involved, and adaptations needed for cultural context or language.

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