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New York City

(Initiated 2012) This implementation delivers GenerationPMTO in a parenting group format for birth parents working towards reunification with their children – Parenting through Change for Reunification (PTC-R). In this project, GenerationPMTO was initially linked with another evidence-based parenting practice provided for foster parents, Keeping Foster and Kin Parents Supported and Trained (KEEP), and R3, a casework practice model. These three models are all based on the same foundation of the social interaction learning principles developed at the Oregon Social Learning Center. Initiated in 2012, hundreds of caseworkers and supervisors in five child welfare agencies serving thousands of children and families in the five boroughs of the city – Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens – have been trained in PTC-R. Approximately 9 months after training for this program began, an independent evaluation of outcomes showed a 20% increase in permanent exits from foster care and a 14% decrease in placement moves (Chamberlain, Feldman, Wulczyn, Saldana, & Forgatch, 2016). These agencies, Coalition for Hispanic Family Services, Good Shepherd Services, JCCA, New York Foundling, and St. Dominic’s Family Services, continue to strengthen their programs and provide local coaching and training, as ISII provides ongoing consultation, support, training, and fidelity review for PTC-R

One of the five remarkable agencies, NY Foundling, also has a certified GenerationPMTO practitioner in Individual family delivery. Their certified practitioner completed initial training in Oregon, virtual coaching and passed all 4 sessions required for certification as well as annual recertifications.

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