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(Initiated 2021) This implementation, a Center for Excellence (CfE) in Foster Family Development project, aims to improve the well-being of children and families in Maryland impacted by the child welfare system. Project goals include reducing lengths of stay in foster care and unnecessary congregate care placements, decreasing the rate of re-entry into foster care, increasing reunification and permanency, and strengthening communication between resource (foster) parents and families of origin. The grant was awarded to the Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS)/Social Services Administration (SSA); their technical assistance team and evaluation partner is the Institute for Innovation & Implementation at the University of Maryland (UMB) School of Social Work. Our Parenting through Change – Reunification (PTC-R) curriculum is being delivered virtually to families in English and Spanish. The implementation is in its early stages, with group leaders participating from UMB and the project’s DHS counties (Baltimore, Carroll, Prince George’s, Frederick, Montgomery), and engaged state leaders providing support.

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